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Bridge Climb Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Ultimate Experience
Bridge Climb is a 3½ hour adventure and an experience that will never be forgotten on one of the world's most modern wonders … The Sydney Harbor Bridge. The Bridge Climb experience begins with a comprehensive briefing and safety demonstration to prepare you for the Climb of Your Life!

The exhilaration and personal satisfaction achieved by reaching the top of the Bridge is rewarded by the breathtaking view that lies before you as you scale up the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Spending approximately two hours on the bridge itself, Climbers weave through catwalks, up ladders and then to the most spectacular point of all - the upper arch Climb. At this point Climbers not only have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Sydney Harbor and city, but have the exhilaration of a truly rewarding experience of reaching the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge

At night, the city lights glimmer and reflect in the harbor’s glass like surface, with the toy-like looking ferries leaving their tiny trails across it. Your reward once you reach the summit of the bridge is a spectacular 360-degree view of one of the world's most beautiful harbors.

Bridge Top ∙ Maher & Marc

Bridge Top ∙ Sydney in the background

Bridge Top ∙ Opera House

136 Meter above water ∙ On the bridge

HOURRAYYYY ∙ Group Picture ∙ On the bridge

Certified Climber :P

Luna Park ∙ Bridge in the background

January 2005 ∙ Bridge Climb ∙ Sydney Harbor Bridge